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Media Exchange Ltd.


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saltfish1971 ( Ferenc Hering)

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Dear Partners!


Take your last choice to book a slot and meet MEDIA EXCHANGE LTD in Chicago!

Media Exchange has been working in Hungary  and the middle-east European 
region  providing internet services and retail VoIP services since 
2004. We started to Focus on the global wholesale market on 2005. Now we 
have more than 300+ partners worldwide, which means that global call 
termination is in our main portfolio. We are offering both - CLI and LCR 
routes to every single destination of the world. We are extremely strong 
on Hungary and in Central Europe, where we have built direct connections 
to most of the major national communication companies. 

Our business philosophy is to provide high quality services on 
affordable prices and maintaining a Network Operation Center with the 
fastest available response time and ''quick dial'' sales managers. 
The basic policy is already enjoyed 15.000 users on our own internet 
network and throughout our partners. 

Our network operation center providing 
continuous control and inspection, also focusing on extremely rapid 
troubleshooting. This helps us to achieve more than 99% availability 
for all of our services on yearly basis. 

We also ensure our wholesale partners that our English, German, Italian, 
Russian and Hungarian speaking customers service. 

Our backbone network has a 2N+1 backup ratio to make life even harder 
for our competitors.

To arrange a meeting please reply to this mail or use ITW's official MeetMee site!(you can see the available slots there)

If You ready to meet at our bilateral table P25, please contact to Krisztian Karmazsin (CEO)

If You wish us to visit You please contact to Gergo Hamori (Senior Sales) 

We are looking forward to establish mutually fruitful, long term 
business relationship with You!






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